Recap of 30/3 Rise of Shadows Card Reveals – News

We are catching up on three card reveals: a Legendary Paladin minion and two Epic ones, one Neutral and the other for Priest.

Nozari was unveiled by Yahoo Esports Taiwan. The card was presented by Roger and the video has English subtitles:

This card can work well with High Priest Thekal in a Heal Paladin deck but that’s about it. Blackguard is rotating out of Standard, healing your opponent isn’t ideal and the Dragon tag seems irrelevant. Even the healing effect doesn’t seem worth it with all that healing that Paladin has received recently.

Unseen Saboteur was revealed by Chinese streamer ChunGe:

At a first glance, you might be thinking why this guy isn’t a Pirate; if you take a closer look, that’s not a ship’s steering wheel, he is just a rogue hiding behind a carriage. Along with Spellward Jeweler, Hecklebot and Duel!, this is the fourth card from this expansion that can disrupt combos.

Lastly, Korean streamer rhdgurwns revealed Shadowy Figure:

Priest gets another 2-mana 2/2 in Rise of Shadows after EVIL Conscripter. The card can have some interesting applications, but I think it needs more Deathrattle support to see play.

I have to say I am disappointed with the Priest reveals so far. It has to be the class with the most callbacks, since each of its revealed cards just hearkens to a familiar mechanic from the class’s past (Deathrattle, stealing, Forbidden). The class seems to be heading into the new expansion with no specific direction, just a random mish-mash of effects.

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