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The latest Hearthstone patch unexpectedly brought changes to the artwork of some cards that have been around for a while. Needless to say, this unannounced change was met with criticism, as well as plenty of speculation as to why it was done. Blizzard has officially responded to it.

Some of the card art “nerfs” were accompanied by changes to card’s names. The cards that were changed are: Succubus (now called Felstalker), Mistress of Pain (now called Queen of Pain), Windfury Harpy, Secretkeeper, Eviscerate, Bite, Deadly Shot and Headcrack.

Here is an image from u/mrhossie with the before and after of the affected cards.

The response was given to Kotaku who approached Team 5 on this very heated subject. Here’s what Blizzard’s spokesperson had to say:

PC Gamer also had a very interesting article, where they talked to Dave Kosak about this issue. Apparently, the change had nothing to do with China – whose strict video games regulations don’t allow the depiction of blood, skeletons and profanity (as well as a lot of other weird things).

Kosak told PC Gamer that:

Moreover, Kosak confirmed that some of the changes were aimed at toning down the portrayal of profanity and violence in the game (although designer Liv Breeden noted that one card, Headcrack, was updated because it was just too dark and hard to read) but emphasized that the decision was driven not by external forces, but “just kind of bringing it up to the standards we felt really good about today.” 

The article concludes that this won’t necessarily be the last batch of Hearthstone card art to be changed.

Earlier this year, the mage Hero Jaina also had its artwork adjusted to show less cleavage.

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