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It’s been an interesting first day as the US and OC guilds had their alone time with Uldir’s bosses, and they came out 4 bosses in front! Slightly surprisingly, it wasn’t Limit that came out as the clear winners, as Big Dumb Guild took the initiative and finished up in the lead.

As usual things started explosively, with four guilds quickly dispatching the first boss, Taloc the Corrupted, with little time between them. Mother, the second boss, took a whole 24 minutes to down and both World First kills went the way of Big Dumb Guild. Trailing them were Limit, Midwinter, Wildcard Gaming and Vision, comprising the top 5 on 2/8. Here are the two World First kill videos from Big Dumb Guild:

Taloc World First kill by BDG

Mother World First kill by BDG

This is where things got interesting, however, as guilds started diverging on their paths through Uldir. Limit was the first to pop up to 3/8, grabbing a kill on Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth, around one and a half hours after their Mother kill. Wildcard Gaming also got to that 3/8 status through Zek, with Big Dumb Guild falling off the map for a little while. At this point, guilds headed to Heroics and even Normals to  buff up their gear a little, and BDG came back in a big way as they also came up to 3/8, but they went the way of Vectis and got a World First for their efforts!

Alacrity, Vision, Midwinter and Blood Legion followed Limit’s path and grabbed their own Zek’voz kills, making it 6 guilds now on 3/8. Finally, Big Dumb Guild had one more move up their sleeves, as they finally managed to get the popular Zek’voz down and moved up to 4/8, taking the lead ahead of Limit and were the only guild to have downed 4 bosses for quite a while. Just at the very end of the progress day, however, Limit managed to get back to the top and down Vectis World 2nd, joining BDG on that 4/8 half-way point. Fetid Devourer was obviously an issue as all guilds avoided him, and Blizzard took note and nerfed him just before Limit’s Vectis kill:


Vectis World First kill by BDG

And so day 1 has ended, with EU guilds waking up soon and servers being up and ready. Only 4 bosses died, which is far less than some expected, which may indicate Uldir won’t be your typical easy introduction raid. However, Method and Exorsus will be entering the field shortly and only then will we see just how tough these bosses really are.

And to finish up, let’s take a look at some stats. 169 guilds have managed to down at least Taloc in Mythic Uldir, while that number drastically drops to 32 when Mother and 2/8 enters the equation, and down to only 7 with Zek’voz and 3/8, with only BDG and Limit having downed Vectis, as previously mentioned.

As always, thanks to Method’s raid progress coverage for all the info, and you can check out their live updates here, as well as the guild’s streaming of the race here.

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