Resident Evil 2 ‘1-shot’ demo coming this week

Capcom has announced the long-rumoured 1-shot Resident Evil 2 demo is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 11.

Just like the JLS song, you only get one shot. Seriously, it wasn’t a bad tune at all; it’s a pity they broke up after just five years. Anyway, the demo has you exploring the Raccoon Police Department as Leon S. Kennedy, and puts you on a 30-minute time limit. Once the time’s up, that’s it, but you can continue playing if you die or manage to finish the mission.

You’ve probably seen a bit of footage of Resi 2 by now, so chances are you’ll be familiar with the locations of the demo. It’s been showcased at E3 and a few other places, so you could use that to your advantage.

The best bit? Regardless of how you finish the demo, you’ll be treated to a brand new trailer once it’s over. Awesome.

Originally announced in summer 2015, Resi 2 is finally out on January 25. I played four hours of the survival horror revamp late last year, and it’s looking fantastic. Capcom is reportedly already working on a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake.

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