Respawn Rates in Classic Starting Zones

Comment by weethan1

on 2019-08-09T23:47:24-05:00

First. Also, sweet, I was worried about this

Comment by Incandio

on 2019-08-10T00:45:01-05:00

*runs desperately towards wolf*r
*overtaken by fireball*r
*returns to retail*

Comment by Doorsfan

on 2019-08-10T01:51:30-05:00

I just subbed to play during the extended Stress Test – Tried out a bit of Warrior.r
Holy, #$%^. It was like the long lost son had come back home. You know, Blizz – you’re awesome. You’re great.r
I love the Warr gameplay.r
In so far as Respawn goes, i feel like there is a decent balance.r
With Skinning and LW – i can just circulate through packs, and i am already running aroundr
killing 2-3 mobs at a time, up to 7 at a time – if they’re lower level than me.r
Again – can’t stress it enough – Warriors in Vanilla – Never tried them before, fallen in love.r
For a second, i thought there was Dynamic respawning going on – But, you know – I thinkr
there is a healthy balance to be had in what kind of mobs one is grinding – esp. if you reallyr
need to balance out your Proffs – Sure, i’d gain the most gold by just grinding beasts – Butr
then my First Aid suffers – and i really need those bandages as a Warr, esp. in PvP.r
I’m super stoked, Classic is all i ever could have wished for, i have been playing like,r
8 hours straight.r
Cheers, Blizz.

Comment by HashtagThePanda

on 2019-08-10T02:08:48-05:00

Good. I played a bit on Thursday in the Troll/Orc starting zone, and there seemed to be a lack of mobs (the hogs, scorpids, and vile familiars) because there was a large amount of people in the area.r
Now if only we could get group kills (if two people in a group gets the kill but one can’t tag because of the amount of time it takes to cast a spell), I’d be a happy camper. Such is Classic, I suppose.

Comment by schnizol

on 2019-08-10T02:35:28-05:00

There’s NOTHING immersive in long respawn times. I have no clue why people are fixated on long respawn times being better?r
It’s just as stupid in retail when Nazjatar WQ NPC’s take a frickin eternity to respawn and it’s just dumb af

Comment by hotaru251

on 2019-08-10T02:45:51-05:00

*runs desperately towards wolf*r
*overtaken by fireball*r
*returns to retail*r
this pissed me off a ton..r
warlock uses corruption/CoA on mob and soem1 else hits it after its on mob, but before it dealt dmg and they get unit tapped…..

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