Restaurant’s Kitchen Is Completely Run By Grandmothers

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Many of us learn how to cook from our mothers who, in turn, learned from their mothers. And we all know there’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal by a grandma.

If you find yourself missing those tasty dishes (and happen to live in New York City), you can stop by Enoteca Maria in Staten Island. The restaurant is fully dedicated to meals cooked by actual grandmothers. Each dish is also inspired the women’s cultural backgrounds and childhoods.

Owner Jody Scaravella opened the restaurant in 2007 with money left to him by his late mother. He admits that he opened the restaurant to “patch those holes in his life” after his mother’s passing.

Jody found comfort in inviting Italian nonnas, like his own, into his kitchen to cook the meals that he and so many of us grew up looking forward to at family gatherings.

Enoteca Maria initially featured exclusively Italian cooks. Over time, though, Jody has opened the doors to more grandmothers with delicious recipes from various backgrounds.

Jody explains that there are two grandmothers in the kitchen every day. “You always have an Italian nonna, and every day, the featured kitchen changes,” he said.

The only people who enjoy the experience more than Jody or the diners are the grandmothers themselves: They get to share their backgrounds and make friends along the way!

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Photos: Instagram 1, 2 / enoteca_maria

Footage provided by CBS New York

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