Review: Company of Heroes 2 delivers classic RTS gameplay on the Eastern Front

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Note: This review focuses on the single-player portion of Company of Heroes 2 because there were very few multiplayer matches running on the actual release code during our review period. If there are any huge problems we encounter after release, we’ll update this review accordingly.

Company of Heroes 2, the long-awaited sequel to Relic Entertainment’s critically-acclaimed World War II real-time strategy game, belies its name. Playing as the Soviets in the game’s main campaign, there are very few times you’ll feel like a hero.

The trials you’ll face along the Eastern Front, from Stalingrad through to Germany, are a far cry from the original game’s D-Day inspired rah-rah-palooza. The campaign in Company of Heroes 2 is a series of morally ambiguous situations where the guys you’re fighting for appear just as bad as the enemy you’re fighting against.

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