Review: Skulls of the Shogun is a fun, funny strategy game

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Slay my foes, and then eat their skulls? Well, that’s hardly sporting. Or sanitary. But the horde of undead foes I’m facing in 17Bits’  Skulls of the Shogun certainly won’t hesitate to tap into the unparalleled power that a calcium-rich snack will offer, so it’s a case of getting them before they get us, really. And who doesn’t enjoy crushing the occasional skull?

As befits a turn-based strategy game, securing resources is the linchpin for success. And Skulls offers no shortage of resources to manage, some less obvious than others. The most important is rice—rice paddies are strewn about the game’s single- and multi-player maps, and while the dead don’t have much need for food (besides skulls, but I’ll get to that) haunting rice paddies will allow you to stockpile the rice you’ll need to acquire resource number two: soldiers.

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