Rise of the Mech Patch Notes: June 3rd – News

The Underbelly, the fourth chapter of the Dalaran Heist, is now live.

You can purchase this new chapter as part of the $19.99 complete Dalaran Heist bundle. You can also grab The Underbelly, or other individual chapters, for $6.99 or 700 Gold by purchasing them in the in-game shop.

Chapter 4 Details

The twist of this chapter is a pretty simple one: the attack and Health of all minions in play are swapped. Make sure to check the card buckets you choose: you might want to invest in minions with a lot of Health (which will become Attack with the twist) to run down the opponent boss. You might wish to play it safe and pick a healthy mix of minions and spells. 

Be careful with minions with 0 attack: some of them may prove useful, like the various eggs or Arena Treasure Chest; others, like Public Defender and Doomsayer, could be useless.

The Heroes

The Underbelly introduces the Warrior and the Druid Hero. If you are a completionist, bear in mind that you can clear the previous wings with them.

Mr. Chu is the Warrior Hero. We hope that he is more powerful than his recent Tavern Brawl counterpart! Here are his Hero Powers and starting decks:

Hero Powers

Armor Up! (2 mana) – Gain 2 Armor.

Invigorating Brew (2 mana) – Deal 1 damage to a minion and give it +2 Attack.

Undermine (2 mana) – Shuffle two Explosives into your opponent’s deck (they deal 2 damage when drawn).

Starting decks

Tough Crowd – Enrage + Weapon synergies.

Burning Fury – Rush + Dragon synergies.

Boomin’ – Mech + Bomb synergies.

Squamlish is the Druid hero. Here are her Hero Powers and her starting decks:

Hero Powers

Shapeshift (2 mana) – +1 Attack this turn. +1 Armor.

Lifebloom (2 mana) – Restore a minion to full health.

Touch of Bark (2 mana) – Give a minion +1/+1.

Starting Decks

Ferocity – Tokens + Deathrattles.

Two Paths – Choose One cards.

Nature’s Boon – Healing + Treant synergies.


For now, by beating five bosses in Chapter 4 you will receive three Rise of Shadows card packs. If you have beaten five bosses in each of the previous three chapters, you will now have a total of twelve. The final rewards will follow next week.

Don’t forget to check out our guide for everything you need to know about the Dalaran Heist. We’ll be sure to update it with the bosses for Chapter 4.

We are looking forward to the final chapter next week and the much anticipated Anomaly mode, that will come with it!

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