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Looking for easy ways to reduce your monthly expenses? With Twigby, lowering your cell phone bill may be easier than you thought!

Twigby Phone Plan

When examining your monthly expenses, it can sometimes be really tough figuring out where to cut costs. But I’ve got a suggestion for you today: what about looking into switching to another cell phone company?

Twigby — a company dedicated to providing fantastic phone service at great prices — makes it super easy to switch cell phone service and lower your costs, without sacrificing any quality!

Affordability of Twigby

If you’re looking for a more affordable cell phone plan, Twigby has plans starting as low as $9 per month for just talk and text. And data plans start as low as $12 per month! Even a cell phone plan with unlimited talk and text and 10 GB of data costs you just $43 per month!

With these kinds of prices, it’s worth at least checking to see if Twigby might save you money each month on your cell phone bill — even if you’ve been on a family plan with a provider for a decade! The average family that switches to Twigby saves $60 on their cell phone bill, which equates to an annual savings of $720!

You can go HERE and use their calculator to see how much you could save by switching to Twigby.

Set kid limits with Twigby

Flexibility of Twigby

I love that their plans are super affordable with a lot of flexibility. You can custom build your plan for each individual phone line — depending on how much each family member needs and if you want to put some restrictions or limits in place for kids.

They also offer a really great range of options for phones. They have everything from basic flip phones all the way up to iPhone 8 and other smart phones.

So if you’re not a smart phone person and really just want a basic phone with basic features, Twigby is a really, really great option at a super low price! But even if you want all the perks of a regular smart phone with data each month, it’s still a great option to save!

Unlike traditional cell phone companies, they give you the ability to create your own custom, prepaid plan — without a contract or an unnecessary activation fee.

My favorite part about their service (in addition to their great prices!) is that they offer the ability to change plans or phones at any time for free. You’re not locked into an expensive contract that has activation and termination fees.

Twigby Coverage Map

Coverage with Twigby

A lot of times budget phone plans like this don’t offer very good coverage, but Twigby’s coverage is actually really good!

In fact, their coverage is guaranteed because they utilize not just one, but two of the nation’s largest cellular networks (Sprint and Verizon)! That means if you’re out of reach on their primary network (Sprint), you will still be able to access talk and text on their secondary network (Verizon). The best part is that it’s completely free and your phone automatically switches networks when necessary.

You can go HERE to enter your address and check your coverage.

Testimonials from My Readers

We’ve talked about Twigby in the past a couple of times and they’ve been a sponsor of our podcast!

Because of that, many readers have signed up to try Twigby and have absolutely loved it! We’ve heard SO many rave reviews about the affordability and their amazing customer service.

Here are just a couple of reviews from readers:

We have been THRILLED!!!!!  Love the service, the prices, the way things keep getting better and better (seriously, name another company that LOWERS your price or gives you more data????). We love Twigby!!!

“My husband decided to try out the coverage and it was much better (once we figured out to turn the roaming on!). Also, it was cheaper than PureTalk. We don’t use our phones much, so it is great to only pay for what we will use.”

Woman Using Twigby Cell Phone

Other Features of Twigby

In addition to their affordability, flexibility, and great coverage, Twigby also offers:

  • Ease of getting started. You don’t have to mess with going to a store and picking out a phone plan. You just go to their site, pick your phone plan and either switch your current phone over or get a new phone, and they get it all set up for you.
  • Ability to keep your same phone number. When you switch to Twigby, you get to keep your current number that you’ve had for years. You don’t have to switch to a new number.
  • International calling and texting. With Twigby, you can use your minutes to call numbers in Canada, China, and Mexico at no additional charge. You also get Unlimited Global Texting to over 180 other countries. As long as you’re inside the U.S. when sending and receiving texts, you can send those texts to anyone in another country!
  • Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied within 30 days of switching to Twigby, you’ll get a 100% full refund!
  • Free overage protection. You can rest easy in knowing that you will never be charged for overages without your go-ahead! You have complete control.

Switch and Save with Twigby

Would you like to try Twigby?

Twigby is offering new customers 25% off your first six months of phone service right now!

But that’s not all! They’re also offering an exclusive deal to MSM readers to get a $10 account credit after activation!

Just use coupon code MOM at checkout to ensure you get this credit after service activation is complete.

Valid through April 25, 2019.

Go here to get started with Twigby.

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