School Bans Boy From Joining Triplet Sisters’ Softball Team

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All Cayden Walsh wants to do is play softball on the same team as his 9-year-old sisters. Cayden, Rylee, and Kelsey are triplets and have always been especially close.

Rylee and Kelsey play on a softball team in Old Tappan, New Jersey, coached by their dad, Will. Cayden plays on his own baseball team, but he has long dreamed of switching. However, the league’s 30-year-old rule bars boys from playing on the girls softball team.

Cayden so desperately wants to join his sisters that he wrote a letter to his township’s league officials. “I see no reason why a person can’t play a sport because they have a different gender,” he wrote.

But the league said no. Cayden was not allowed to join the softball team or sit on the bench with Rylee and Kelsey during the games.

Weeks after Cayden sent his letter, the league changed its name from Northern Valley Softball League to Northern Valley Girls Softball League. His family believes the timing is suspect and the league made its rules even stricter because of Cayden’s letter; the league disputes this claim.

Will told that people have warned him not to keep pushing for Cayden to play on the softball team, or else he could be removed from the coaching position he’s held for the past four years.

But as you’re about to see, Will has no plans for ending his dispute on behalf of his son.

Footage provided by WPIX New York

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