Sci-fi action RPG Everreach: Project Eden launches this September

Publisher Headup and developer Elder Games have announced a sci-fi action RPG coming later this year entitled Everreach: Project Eden.

Seemingly taking a few cues from Mass Effect, the story-led game follows Nora Harwood, a member of a security detail tasked with ensuring the planet of Eden is safe enough for habitation before uncovering the secrets of an ancient civisliation.

The game promises ‘tactical ground combat’, ‘high speed veichlular warfare’ and a rich skill tree with more than 80 upgrades. Most intriguingly it features a story from one Michelle Clough, who previously worked on the Mass Effect trilogy, as well as scenery from artist Mai-Anh Tran who worked on the Warcraft movie and Star Trek Beyond.

Everreach: Project Eden is currently gunning for a September release on Xbox One and PC, with a PlayStation 4 release to follow ‘a bit later this year’. Here’s the trailer:

Everreach: Project Eden – Reveal Trailer


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