Scientists, Can You Put Spell Check On Tattoo Guns? Here’s The 25 Worst Misspelled Tattoos Ever

Unless you can afford an expensive laser-removal process, tattoos are forever. So you would assume that people would proofread what they’re permanently putting on their bodies. For instance, thank God I spoke with beloved friends, family, and numerous priests and rabbis before I tattooed a butterfly on my ankle or, as I once wanted in real life, a Backstreet Boys’ lyrics on my tramp-stamp zone.

Sometimes, people really need to be talked out of their tattoo of choice. In these cases, someone should have asked their first grade teacher if they thought it was a good idea.

Here are the worst misspellings and grammatically incorrect tattoos ever.

1. Yeah, we have a few comments…

Yeah, we have a few comments...

We’ll be polite though. He could grow out his hair and cover this bad boy up until he’s old and bald.

2. To each their own.

To each their own.

Maybe this lady is just really into golden showers.

3. It’s like a bad Facebook status came to life.

It's like a bad Facebook status came to life.

The perfect combination of passive aggressive, attention seeking, and spelling mistakes.

4. Ayy, is your mom single?

Ayy, is your mom single?

Because I think she’s acute.

5. What’s worse…

What's worse...

The possible Dude, Where’s My Car reference, the misspelling, or having to look at this back acne? The tattoo artist was probably in a rush to get this job done.

6. Really?


You don’t have one regret? Well, maybe Nohing is a name, and this person regrets their relationship. We’ll never know.

7. It is get better?

It is get better?

Proving that it doesn’t get better for everyone after high school.

8. Love concurs all…

Love concurs all...

Love is very agreeable.

9. “Do I want ‘don’t’ or do I want ‘never’?”

"Do I want 'don't' or do I want 'never'?"

“Eh, just do both.”

10. Ugh, I know exactly that witch.

Ugh, I know <em>exactly</em> that witch.

She lives in the woods in a candy house, then gets mad when you eat it? Get off my back, witch, let me do me.

11. Legends never die.

Legends never die.

Unfortunately, this tattoo will live on as well.

12. That is a Will Ferrell quote…

That is a Will Ferrell quote...

You know what? I totally understand how you could misspell this, you were dumb enough to get a Will Ferrell quote tattooed on your body after all.

13. This is actually so funny.

This is actually so funny.

My name is Hope! Never Loose Hope was my nickname in college.

14. Too long; didn’t read.

Too long; didn't read.

“I believe things happens for a reason Puple Change So that you can Learn to let go thing go wrong so that you can apreciate them when there right You believe lies so you eventually start to trust no one but your Self and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall apart.” -Marilyn Mon-durr.

15. I can tell one thing that isn’t your strength…

I can tell one thing that isn't your strength...

It’s spelling. You’re bad at spelling.

16. Are you God?

Are you God?

Then stop trying to fudge me.

17. “Be Live!”

"Be Live!"

-Me whenever Saturday Night Live is a rerun.

18. Ladies and gentlemen…

Ladies and gentlemen...

You voted for the stupidest girl in the school for prom queen! Wait, maybe she’s just really into the Renaissance fair! Ye Olde Prome Queen!

19. Watch out Kevin Hart…

Watch out Kevin Hart...

This person intends to break you.

20. That’s uh… that’s not how you spell…

That's uh... that's not how you spell...

You know what? He has a tattoo of a Looney Toon, maybe we should leave this guy and his sad nipple alone. Seriously, that nipple looks so depressed, cheer up little guy.

21. Wait, what does YOLO mean?

Wait, what does YOLO mean?

You only life once, that’s not the f*cking motto.

22. Ughhhh! Not seen:

Ughhhh! Not seen:

Probably a stupid f*cking fedora and neckbeard.

23. No regerts…

No regerts...

Regerts are yogurts you regret, and no one regrets yogurt.

24. Keep smiling, keep shinning — OH JESUS

Keep smiling, keep shinning -- OH JESUS

What is that monster peppermint thing! It is terrifying! If you don’t share this post with 25 friends in 25 minutes, this peppermint thing will be at the end of your bed tonight and KILL YOU. SHARE THIS POST.

25. And yarsterday never forgets.

And yarsterday never forgets.

That’s why we call toeday the present.