Sea of Thieves is going offline for maintenance tomorrow

Sea of Thieves developer Rare has confirmed that it will be taking the online plunder-’em-up offline tomorrow for five hours of maintenance.

The PC and Xbox One pirate adventure will be down from 9.00am to 2.00pm GMT on March 24, meaning you won’t be able to set sail at all during this time. In addition, the studio confirmed that more downtime is scheduled for the same period on Tuesday, March 27.

Sea of Thieves has experienced a number of teething issues since its launch on Tuesday, so Rare has been busy prepping various updates to help iron out the major problems. These include performance issues on Xbox One X, players not receiving entitlements, and items going missing, all of which should be fixed in next week’s update. 

Despite this, Rare’s still had time to inject its renowned sense of humour into the mix, offering a unique Day One Patch for the game thanks to an idea suggested by a fan on Reddit. Sadly, the game’s Kraken turned out to be a little less intimidating than many hoped for, seeing as how it’s just a bunch of disembodied tentacles. 

Alice has been busy plundering the high seas this week so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for her Sea of Thieves review soon. 

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