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I love Christmas, its’ my favorite Holiday! It is such a festive and nostalgic time of year!
You guys seem to love seeing the titles that I’ve picked out for our own family and home library…
so I thought I would share with you guys the books that I LOVE for this SEASON!
Here’s some new videos I filmed to share with you a peek inside the titles.
All Christmas books! All the magic!
Some are for little ones… some are to help us remember the reason for the season…
some are activity books to keep kids happy/busy so they don’t say I’m bored over break. 😉
OR you can use those activity books to keep them occupied while
you wrap presents or sneak the Christmas cookies. Whatever you want to do!
I hope you enjoy this round up of our favorite Usborne Books & More Christmas books!
Some of these are already in our home library and some of these
I’ll be gifting to the kids this year leading up to Christmas Day!

Fun Christmas + Winter Themed Books
Every year we add new Christmas themed titles to our home library- some stay out all year long-
others are special and come out in December. No matter how you want to use them,
these books are MAGICAL and will get you into the Christmas spirit!

Fun Christmas + Winter Themed Books

🎄Books Mentioned in Video are linked below! 🎄 (there’s a full series!)

My Favorite JESUS books!
Keeping CHRIST in CHRISTmas!
I love offering my kids books that, in a beautiful way, tell the story of Baby Jesus!
Here’s some of our favorite Christmas Story and Bible titles we have!

Keeping CHRIST in CHRISTmas! My Favorite Baby Jesus Books

🎄Books Mentioned in Video are linked below! 🎄

Christmas Books for Younger Children
It’s always fun making Christmas magical for the little ones in our life–
and we can do just that with these amazing Christmas themed titles!
Here’s some of the ones from our home library that are perfect for
Baby’s First Christmas or the toddlers you are shopping for!

Christmas Books for Younger Children

🎄Books Mentioned in Video are linked below!🎄

Festive and Fun Christmas Activity Books!
I love offering my kids Activity books that are festive and fun and ones we can do together..
OR.. they can do while I do things like wrap, bake, sneak cookies for myself..
You know. Important Helper Elf Work!

Festive and Fun Christmas Activity Books!

🎄Books Mentioned in Video are linked below! 🎄

Later this week I’ll share with you guys the new titles and activities
that I picked out for my kids for Christmas morning!
I can’t wait to wrap them up and put them under the tree for them!
Here’s a selection of the Christmas themed books that Usborne Books & More offers.
So many cute ones!

If you want to browse the books and see more of why we love them, I have
my At Home With Natalie Playroom to show off how gorgeous the books
are inside and WHY we love them! Our Home Library has transformed my kids love for reaching
and I enjoy sharing with you guys books to help you own kids.
Have fun browsing and be sure to check out the INTERNET SPECIALS!
The Slot Together Theatre I rave about in my TOP 10 for Gifting is on sale for $30!!

PART ONE -Top 10 Book Picks for Christmas Gifting

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