September 10th Hotfixes – Lady Ashvane Mythic Nerf

Comment by TOMRUS

on 2019-09-10T11:45:00-05:00

Nice. They also need to nerf all the bosses after Ashvane as well now that Hall of Fame is closed.

Comment by Spanky2k

on 2019-09-10T11:46:54-05:00

Nice. Now we only need about 40k from each dps instead of 42.5k for Ashvane!

Comment by RevengeV

on 2019-09-10T11:47:36-05:00

Hopefully they mercy close the Alliance Hall of Fame within the next few weeks here so the dead servers can actually start/continue doing Mythic progression easier.

Comment by KilledByVen

on 2019-09-10T11:56:01-05:00

Might want to add: Thats actually a 10% nerf overall to ashvane.r
Thats 5% off P2 HP, 1.5% of max hp off 1st shield, 2.25% max hp off 2nd, and 3.375% off final shield, which works out to roughly 90.0238% of last weeks total hp, assuming you are 3 phasing like most who are progging would be.

Comment by Geri0n

on 2019-09-10T11:59:50-05:00

Nice. Now 2 phase should be a walk in the park.

Comment by colemart

on 2019-09-10T12:00:18-05:00

Nice. Now we only need about 40k from each dps instead of 42.5k for Ashvane!r
yeah, sadly the boss is still super over tuned for a early-mid boss.

Comment by Agentkillerlee

on 2019-09-10T12:02:05-05:00

Should be much easier to 2 phase Ashvane now

Comment by Hydrohots

on 2019-09-10T12:02:29-05:00

Only 15 Alliance guilds have killed Azshara. This is ridiculous. Once your faction gets hall of fame, your faction should be allowed to cross server raid. There is literally no reason at all to make horde wait for alliance to catch up. Everyone go make a support ticket for Blizzard asking them to fix this mistake. If 3 million players all put in a ticket, they will change it just to stop the traffic from overloading their support teams in India. Go make a ticket folks, only takes a few minutes.

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