September 6th Hotfixes: Argussian Reach Emissary Hotfixed to Require 3 World Quests

Comment by Solanthious

on 2017-09-06T18:48:47-05:00

That’s great but, there wasn’t even 3 up today for some of us who don’t TS or Pet Battle, so, gotta wait another day anyway.

Comment by FrostWD

on 2017-09-06T18:55:05-05:00

Theres 1 in Krokuun. Right bottom

Comment by TheFins

on 2017-09-06T18:59:08-05:00

I managed to get all 4 yesterday with no issue.

Still, a welcome change 🙂

Comment by grimreappertazzz

on 2017-09-06T19:00:02-05:00

ummm there are 4 world quests to complete…not 3…someone needs to get something right

Comment by Laneris

on 2017-09-06T19:00:12-05:00

Hey, I managed to complete four quest, three there in Mac’Aree, and later one more popped in Krokuun, might be pure luck, but seeing so many people say that they don’t have three or four or two World quest, just wanted to share my experience. Best of luck

Comment by Sielinth

on 2017-09-06T19:00:40-05:00

i don’t see a problem for emissary requiring 2 resets to complete but that’s me as a player who can spend an hr a day on wow

some can’t afford that luxury so it would be interesting to hear the response about the intent should Ornyx get a reply from the devs

Comment by perculia

on 2017-09-06T19:01:19-05:00

ummm there are 4 world quests to complete…not 3…someone needs to get something right

The blue post explains that not all of the text in the UI has updated.

Comment by Thrasher07

on 2017-09-06T19:04:21-05:00

I could do 4 today, 1 pet, 1 Main profession Alchemy, 1 to give 40 Leather so just go to Auction house and 1 normal

Comment by Interest

on 2017-09-06T19:24:05-05:00

Can’t say I’m surprised since an overwhelming amount of the WQ available are Army of Light, not Argussian Reach.

Comment by helladin

on 2017-09-06T20:49:57-05:00

i done my priest alt with pet battle.
then i was tired dint lay rest day main or other alt.with main in few hour will try maybe

and i dont care much 3 or 4.
as long as all them had 3 quest daily.
3 day long so do 9 to 4 quest not so big problem

if i listed 10 problem i have at game.this wasnt get top 10

Comment by Shashos

on 2017-09-06T20:54:44-05:00

Great change. I did find that after the fix, I couldn’t turn in my quest to the Emissary. The quest didn’t complete. I had to exit the game and delete my game cache. Once I logged back in, the quest was completed and I could turn it in for the rewards.

Comment by Soeroah

on 2017-09-06T22:03:25-05:00

ummm there are 4 world quests to complete…not 3…someone needs to get something right

Due to the way the game works, Blizzard can change quest requirements and rewards, etc, via hotfix but can’t change text strings without a patch.

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