Signs of a Nervous Breakdown l Mental Breakdown Symptoms

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Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and Justin Bieber and many other stars spiraled out of control and ended up going to a hospital for a nervous breakdown. But what does a nervous breakdown mean? Firstly, it’s not a medical term and it does not symbolize a specific illness. It does indicate the sufferer can no longer manage the stresses of life and they may have the inability to function on a daily basis. They may experience insomnia, paranoia and a period of self-confinement. The suspected risk factors of having a nervous breakdown may develop from having pertinacious work stress, anxiety disorders, financial issues, divorce or a family history of mental disorders. “A mental breakdown is a period of mental illness during which intense feelings of depression, stress, or anxiety result in an inability to function in daily life,” Heather Senior Monroe, MSW, LCSW, shared with Prevention. The term nervous breakdown is used flippantly and often joked about and yet, this blanketed term includes a variety of mental disorders. This includes major depression, acute stress disorder, panic disorder or schizophrenia. Anyone can be traumatized and can hit rock bottom. Know the signs of a nervous breakdown and start to prioritize self-care immediately if you exhibit the following signs.

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