Single Dad Raises 9 Kids Through Surrogacy And Adoption

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For many years, Larry Shine never really thought he’d ever be a father. But when the corporate attorney fell in love with his wife, Kate, it wasn’t long before they welcomed their son Henry.

Nearly three years later, Kate passed away from cancer. The newly-single dad and grieving widower struggled through the pain while trying to raise Henry on his own.

“The year after she died, I was just so immersed in the tragedy of her death,” Larry said. “Then I thought, ‘I can’t live like this anymore. I can’t have this be our life.’”

Larry decided that if he could somehow give Henry a sibling, it could possibly help them heal and begin a new chapter.

But this was nearly two decades ago, when it was much harder for a single man to adopt a child in the US. So, he gave himself the best odds possible by applying for international adoption and surrogacy.

Larry was delighted and stunned when both of his applications were accepted! He suddenly found himself raising not two, but three children…

…and then he wanted more. Many more.

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