Single Mom Katie Price Discovers Foster Baby Is Adopted Son’s Sister

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After her marriage ended in her early 30s, Katie Price decided to begin a brand-new chapter. She moved into a new home in Colorado, changed her career path, and decided to foster a child. She struggled with fertility issues but was always interested in adopting.

In 2016, a caseworker told Katie about a 4-day-old nameless boy who was dropped off at the local hospital.

After fostering baby Grayson for nearly 12 months, the court terminated his birth parents’ rights. Katie legally adopted Grayson on his 11-month birthday.

Katie absolutely loved being a mother and planned to wait another couple years to bring another child into her home. But not even one month after adopting Grayson, another caseworker called her about a dire situation. A newborn baby girl had been dropped off at the same hospital and was in need of immediate placement.

“I know over the next 10 minutes and subsequent phone calls I made that afternoon, the phrase ‘I know I am crazy, but God is telling me to say YES’ kept coming out of my mouth.”

Hours later, Hannah was dropped off at Katie’s house and had found a forever home with her and Grayson.

But when Katie took a closer look at Hannah’s tiny hospital bracelet, she made a truly stunning realization.

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