Sky: Children of the Light is ‘like a Pixar movie,’ says developer

Sky: Children of the Light, which is being made by Journey developer thatgamecompany, has been given a new trailer for E3 2019.

Check it out:

Sky: Children of the Light – E3 2019 Trailer

As you can see, the trailer shows off some of the game’s airy environments, along with some snippets of its more grounded, gloomy areas.

In an interview with Polygon, studio co-founder Jenova Chen said, ‘I’m trying to make something like a Pixar movie. Something for the family to play together. Mobile phones have two billions players, but there are only 200 million consoles. That means 9 in 10 people haven’t used a console.’

The developer’s last game was Journey, seven years ago now, and is a very tough act to follow, being one of the most critically acclaimed games ever. It’s an intriguing approach to try and aim Sky at the widest demographic of gamers there is. 

Chen also made it clear that the team at thatgamecompany doesn’t expect the game to do as well as Journey did. Asked how success will be measured for Sky, Chen said, ‘I think it will be how many people played the game, and they changed their taste. That they don’t want to play crappy games anymore.’

Sky: Children of Light is due out on mobile devices this Autumn.

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