Snug and Safe Swift Car Window Shades with UV Heat Rays Glare, 14×21-Inch, 2-Pack

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Your vehicle can be a Hazard to your child due to the Sun’s Harmful glare

• It may Burn your child
• Irritate Your Child
• Obstruct your child’s View

Swift Car Sunshades Are the Latest & Greatest Solution To keep your Loved one’s Snug & Safe In The Car

UPF Certified 50+ which means it blocks out 98% of Harmful UV Rays
• 2 Per Pack and includes a free pouch worth $20 to store your shades in.
• Fits most cars, trucks and vans. Dimensions 14 in. x 21 in. (35.6 cm x 53.4 cm)
• Semi-transparent so they block the sun not the view
• Includes a Free Ebook on Children’s health worth $19
Risk-free purchase due to Lifetime 100% Money-back Guarantee

Our sun shades are the best around. We made them that way because we care about you and your children.We are a small family business who are driven by passion not profits

My promise to you is if at anytime you are not completely satisfied with our product you will receive a prompt and courteous refund. We’ve made your purchase risk-free with our LIFETIME HASSLE-FREE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Protect Your Children TODAY the Snug And Safe Way Today

HOLIDAY SALE PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLYHIDDEN HAZARDS – As caring Parents, we know the dangers of overlooked hazards when it comes to our children’s health , but did you know THE SUN is one of the leading causes of eye damage in the USA . Children can’t filter uv light as effectively as adults so they are particularly vulnerable to the sun’s glare , especially on long journeys
CHILD PROTECTION – Our babys mean the world to us so it’s crucial to have reliable high quality sun protection in our vehicle that is quick easy and affordable . Other Cheaper less reliable automobile accessories offer poor quality shades which often fall off | won’t lay flat | and don’t offer enough protection to shield your children’s eyes from the suns harmful ray’s . This not only wastes your time and money but puts you loved ones at risk !
100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE – Designed to fit most cars suvs vans jeeps trucks minivans & even your sedan . All our shaders are Ultra violet ray tested and certified to provide solar shading you can trust for a lifetime. As a small family business , we stand by our word and offer a life time money back guarantee on your sun sunshades, so your purchase is risk free. Protect your children today the Snug and Safe way.( Dimensions 14 in. x 21 in. (35.6 cm x 53.4 cm)
INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Lightweight and compact each sunvisor utilizes a dual layer mesh design which allows passengers to enjoy the view with a tint in your vehicle while still offering steadfast protection from the sun’s rays. Our shades not only keep your loved ones safe, but they also help to reduce the heat in the interior of the car keeping your passengers cool and comfortable. When not in use they peel off with ease and can be quickly stored in our free bonus pouch worth $20.
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