So I Got Tea on Rachel Dolezal from a Former Colleague of Hers

I promise I was not planning on doing another post on Rachel Dolezal and her nutbucket self. I really wasn’t. But then tea dropped in my inbox and it was too good not to share. For those who are like “we make her relevant by talking about her” skip this. I love good gossip and this is that. So I’ma share it.

Yesterday, I wrote about Rachel legally changing her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo, and how us Nigerians are not claiming her foolass. Someone who used to teach at a college that Rachel taught at read my post. He messaged me on Facebook and said he has stories about her. The legend of the decepticon is not large enough, apparently. And what we thought about how ridiculous she is, is not enough. He proceeded to regale me with tales of her BLACK SISTAH ROLE and I had to share it (with his permission, of course).

Below is the thread on Twitter. If you can’t read it here, go see on Storify.

I will never stop laughing at Rachel Luther Queen. Not ever. All I know is that I was in my inbox gulping up the tea and the receipts. It has derailed my day in the best way.

Sips Tea Kerry gif

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