Southwest Airlines Worker Sings Tribute For Grieving Mom

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Tyler Edenhofer was hired on as a state trooper for the Arizona Department of Public Safety after serving in the US Navy.

In July 2018, Tyler had been with the agency for only 52 days when he was shot and killed in an altercation along Interstate 10.

Months after the horrific tragedy, Tyler’s grieving mother, Debbie, boarded a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Louisville, Kentucky. Debbie called Tyler her “pride and joy.”

As the passengers settled into their seats and prepared for their flight, an operations agent for Southwest Airlines hurried to grab the mic and turn on the intercom.

Some of the passengers were a bit annoyed by the “interruption” and assumed they were about to hear another announcement before the plane could take off on time.

As it turned out, the agent, Scott, had learned Debbie was on board and was so touched by her story that he wanted to honor her son’s legacy as best he could.

Sean Warren, a passenger on board, quickly took out his phone and started filming the impromptu tribute. “I just want you to know I think we should have more interruptions like this,” he wrote on Facebook. “In fact, it is no interruption at all. It actually makes things quite clear. And it shares, in a public way, a private burden this family carries.”

Scott took his kindness a step further. After the flight, he tracked Debbie down on Facebook. The pair have been friends ever since.

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