Spec Ops: The Line – Playstation 3

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It’s been 6 months since Dubai was wiped off the map by a cataclysmic sandstorm. Thousands of lives were lost, including those of American soldiers sent to evacuate the city. Today, the city lies buried under sand, the world’s most opulent ruin. Now, a mysterious radio signal is picked-up from Dubai, and a Delta Recon Team is sent to infiltrate the city. Their mission is simple: Locate survivors and radio for Evac. What they find is a city in the grip of war. To save Dubai, they’ll have to find the man at the heart of its madness—Col. John Konrad.Action packed 3rd Person Shooter delivers heart pounding physically close combat
Squad-based play – lead a team of three characters, each with their own specialized skills
Mature story explores the dark side of war, where there are no good outcomes, only hard choices
Unique Dubai setting transports players to another world with stunning visuals
A new portrayal of the military shooter experience with twisting narrative uncertainties
Command an intelligent and powerful squad of Delta-Force soldiers in a dangerous and unpredictable combat zone.
Unique Dubai setting strikes the imagination and transports players to a larger-than-life playground for vertical gameplay and stunning visuals.
Sand-filled Dubai provides new gameplay experiences including sand avalanches, and powerful, disorienting sandstorm combat.
Customizable, Class-Based, Blazing Multiplayer