Spirit of the Frog Reveal: Rastakhan’s Rumble – News

The latest card reveals from Rastakhan’s Rumble include the Druid Spirit and Griftah, a neutral Legendary minion.

Spirit of the Raptor was revealed by Chinese site Taptap:

Having only seen two other Druid cards from Rastakhan’s Rumble and only one of them (Savage Striker) having the same Hero-attack synergy, Spirit of the Raptor looks like it needs a lot of support. There’s also the issue that your Hero can only attack once per turn (twice if you have enough mana to Hero Power + Malfurion the Pestilent + Hero Power) and the possibility of actually killing an enemy minion requires some setting-up and probably the help of cards that buff your attack. Still, the Druid cards printed in Rastakhan’s Rumble seem to be about this very Hero-attack synergy. Perhaps Spirit of the Raptor can fit into a Token or an Odd Druid deck, but that is probably going to happen after the yearly rotation.

Griftah was unveiled by SilverName on a YouTube video in Russian.

The random effect really decreases this card’s power, as well as the possibility of it actually seeing play. Sure, it’s not as bad as it looks (premium stats, can break Mechathun combos, can mill, you have a 50% chance to give a weapon buff to your Priest opponent). However, these upsides are still quite weak and can be done with better cards. The Harbinger Celestia of Rastakhan’s Rumble, I would be pretty mad if I opened a pack with it.

Images courtesy of Hearthpwn.

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