Stranger Things, Poltergeist, And More Horror Movies Universal Studios Is Turning Into Haunted Mazes

It’s that time of year again, when Universal Studios theme parks around the world gear up for the spookiest time of year. Every Halloween, the theme parks present haunted mazes and scare zones based on some of the scariest movie and TV franchises in an effort to terrify those who dare enter Halloween Horror Nights.

Thankfully, 2018’s version of the annual event is no different. While there are a handful of original maze concepts and scare zones, especially at Universal Studios Orlando, there are also some very exciting movie and TV show adaptations being presented. If you’re wondering about the difference in mazes and scare zones, the former is a walkthrough experience meant to guide you through a particular story, while the latter are themed areas within the parks where monsters and ghouls are on the loose.

In past years, a wide variety of modern and classic franchises have been brought to life, including The Shining, American Horror Story, The Cabin in the Woods, Resident Evil, Freddy vs. Jason, and The Exorcist. This year, there are eight different properties being adapted, promising a creepy and fun time with some of the most recognizable titles in horror, including the first-ever Stranger Things maze, which will be seen at multiple parks. And if you’re a true completist, it’s important to note that no two mazes are identical. Each park has it’s own creative team, meaning Orlando’s Stranger Things maze will be quite different from the one in Hollywood.

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights kicks off at the Universal parks in Hollywood and Orlando on September 14 and runs through November 3. Singapore’s take on the event launches on September 27 and ends on October 31.

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