Super Ledgehop: Double Laser (Game)

Chizuru fights against Liz, one of the bosses.
Chizuru fights against Liz, one of the bosses.

Super Ledgehop: Double Laser is a top-down shoot ’em up game developed by LAME Dimension. The game mixes bullet hell mechanics with rhythm elements, which is done through the ability to shoot with the beat of the background music. Doing so doubles the firepower of the player’s bullets. The effect varies depending on what bullet type the player has stolen from enemies. Stealing enemies’ bullets can be done by using the absorb mechanic or “waveshining” opponents, which is performed by using the barrier directly on enemies. The alpha version of this game was released as a separate game on Steam with a different set of characters, known as The Quarter Game. The game features four main stages and an extra stage. In the extra stage, the player must defeat one hundred enemies and fight the super-boss that appears afterwards.

The game features a colorblind girl named Chizuru, who is searching for her older brother. Her condition of being colorblind reflects the color limitations within the game. Along the way, she fights against a band of thugs that are seeking out the senator, who happens to be her older brother.

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