Taf Toys Garden Spiral | Baby’s Fun Accessory for Car Seat & Pram Etc, Hanging Rattling Toys, Easier Parenting, Keeps Your Baby Happy, Ideal Gift, Soother Strawberry Shape Case, for Easier Outdoors

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At Taf Toys We Understand That Choosing The Right Toys For Varied Age Kids Is Very Serious Decision.
Taf Toys Is Committed To Provide Wide Range Of Toys For Your Kids Of Any Age. The Toys Entertain Them As Well As Help In Their Cognitive Development Too.

Get This Garden Spiral For Your Baby’s Entertainment And Development While In The Stroller Or Car Seat For Easier Outdoors And Easier Parenting.

Full Of Pleasure – This Garden Spiral is super soft and beautifully colored piece with attached toys for pram, car seat, stroller etc.
Keep Your Baby Happy On The Go – The hanging toys serves purpose of entertaining your baby on the go. soft jingling bird, a rattling Ronnie rabbit and clear ring rattle toys will keep babies delighted while they are in stroller, pram or car seat.
Baby Learns Cause And Effect Through Hanging Toys – As baby reaches to the lovable hanging toys like soft jingling bird, a rattling Ronnie rabbit and clear ring rattle; baby will learn the basic fundamentals of cause and effect.
Satisfying Your Baby’s Needs – All Taf Toys are created with the intention to promote your baby’s emotional, cognitive, and physical development during their first two years of growth and enables easier parenting.
Case – The kit come in a soother strawberry case for keeping the baby’s soother when not in use, for Easier Outdoors.
Suitability – This garden spiral is suitable for your baby right from birth. the Garden spiral easily wraps around most infant car seat handles and stroller bars and stays in its place; thanks to two unique Velcro straps.
Order Today By Clicking On Add To Cart And Help Your Baby In The Faster Development And Easier Outdoors✓BABY’S ENTERTAINMENT ON THE GO – This spiral has been specially designed for parents carrying babies in stroller, pram, buggy, car seats etc. It will keep the baby happy and occupied when spending time in the stroller or car seat. Babies could be kept occupied with fun accessories. This toy set keeps baby entertained while baby’s daily walks. In addition it helps develop baby’s senses and motor skills as well as teaches about cause and effect.
✓ACTIVITY SPIRAL – Taf toys garden spiral is made to fit easily onto any car seat, pram, buggy, or pushchair etc. The fascinated designed spiral comes with attached soft toys to keep your baby fully entertained. This spiral going around the baby seat provides full fun and action for baby on the go. The exclusively designed spiral is a beautiful, entertaining accessory for your baby in car seat and pram handles that has plenty of rich and colourful textures.
✓PERFECT FOR DRIVING PARENTS WITH INFANTS AND TODDLERS – Since this garden spiral can be easily attached to most car seat and pram handles, by means of unique Velcro straps to hold the toy in position is very suitable for travelling parents with their infants or kids.
✓FUN TEXTURES AND TOYS – Babies will get fun filled environment with hanging toys while in the stroller, pram or car seat. The spiral also includes a unique strawberry pacifier case, for the baby’s soother when not in use, for easier outdoors
✓HANGING TOYS – This garden spiral is a soft playful activity center for your baby that includes various toys. A soft jingling bird, a rattling Ronnie rabbit and clear ring rattle. All these toys can keep your baby occupied, happy and involved playing with the hanging toys.


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