‘Taf Toys’ Garden Tummy Time Gym | For New Born & 3+ Months Baby, Unique Tummy Time Featured Pillow & Stable Clips, Extra Padded Soft Mat With Removable Arches, Easier Development & Easier Parenting

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Are You Looking For A Unique Play Gym To Help Your Baby At Tummy Time, Having Extra Soft Mat And Could Entertain Your Baby As Well?

Taf Toys’ Wide Range Of Toys Are Created With Intention To Promote Baby’s Emotional, Cognitive, And Physical Development.

Taf Toys Garden Tummy Time Gym’ Is The Best Option To Your Requirement. The Garden Tummy Time Gym Would Help Your Baby’s Easier Development And Easier Parenting Along With Development of Baby’s Motor Skills.

Tummy Time Practice – The gym provides 12 developmental activities. The unique gym’s tummy time features include unique mat clip with three toys and a tummy time pillow, will help the baby practice tummy time which is important for his physical development and growing milestones.

Exclusive Designed Gym – Tummy-time pillow which is part of the gym set, encourages the baby to lift its head & neck, thus strengthening his neck and back muscles. Unique clip on facility on arches and mat holds the toys steady so that baby can enjoy tummy-time practice.

Baby Entertainer Toys – Mat and arches attachable three playful, multi-sensory hanging toys include baby-safe Cabbage Leaf Mirror, Jingling Ronnie Rabbit and a Rotating Wood Log.

Two Way Of Hanging Toys – Toys are attachable to mat and arches with clips in addition to loops on arches. That enables free movement or firm holding of toys to assist in gross and fine motor development skills.

Playing Options – For new born baby (0 months onwards) helps in overhead play, over 3 months onward it helps to play and practice. Order Today By Clicking On Add To Cart And Let Your Baby Enjoy His / Her First Gym.

Order Today By Clicking On Add To Cart And Let Your Baby Enjoy His / Her First Gym.

✓MULTIPLE PLAYING OPTIONS – There are varied options for the baby to enjoy the gym. Clip on or attach the toys to the arches’ loop, remove the arches whenever not needed and attach the toys to the mat too. Alter the sequence of toys on the arches or mat so the baby could develop its senses and motor skills in various ways while playing with different kind of activities. Attach toys to mat with clip for steady position, so that baby can play with the toys during tummy time.
✓ GYM WITH EXTRA SOFT FABRIC AND ARCHES – Gym comes with removable arches and a soft mat with colorful garden theme illustrations. The set of three colorful toys are attachable to the arches as well as to the mat. Newborns can enjoy the hanging toys and 3 months onwards you can encourage the baby to touch the toys attached to the mat. The soft fiber mat comes with 35.4” diameter spacious base so that the baby can move around over the mat easily and comfortably.
✓ BABY’S ENJOYMENT AND MOTOR DEVELOPMENT GYM – ‘Taf Toys’ Garden Tummy time gym is specially designed to encourage baby’s tummy-time play and to help strengthen baby’s head and neck muscles that are greatly important for baby’s development. Tummy time can be hard for the baby; this unique play gym can help making it easier and more interesting. With 12 developmental activities Garden Tummy time gym is must to have for overhead play at birth and up and for tummy time play, from 3 month and up
✓REMOVABLE ARCHES – The arches are removable. They could be kept attached or removed as per your and baby’s convenience. The toys could be attached to the arch’s loops or clipped on. The soft and colorful hanging toys attract baby’s attention so the baby could to reach and grab the toys, thus developing his motor skills, senses and eye-hand coordination. Toys are fun for baby and at the same time they help in enabling baby’s motor skill development.
✓DETACHABLE TOYS – The 3 fascinating playful activity toys help in improving baby’s senses development, fine and gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination. The multi-sensory hanging toys include, baby-safe cabbage leaf mirror, Jingling Ronnie Rabbit and a Rotating Wood Log. All toys are attachable to the mat and arches through three ways – loops, arch clip and mat clip.


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