Talkin’ Sports Hilariously Interactive Toy Baseball with Music and Sound FX for Kids and Toddlers by Move2Play

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Move2Play’s talking interactive sports balls are designed as your child’s first introduction to sports. The sports toys are for kids of all ages – toddlers, preschoolers, babies, and infants. They exceed USA + EU requirements for toys for kids 1 year old and older.

Each sports balls has 2+ unique songs about that sport, and they have 40+ phrases and sound effects. Unlike other talking balls, these products really do recognize lots of different actions like a hit, shake, toss, kick, or catch. This makes them great as an electronic game for birthday parties, catch with mom, dad, siblings, boys, girls, and play dates. Even kids with learning disabilities like autism would benefit because it encourages hand eye coordination, motor skills, and social play.

They are made from durable soft stuffed plush for indoor and outdoor use. machine-washable, but remember to remove the sound box first!!

SMART REACTIONS – Intelligent sensors recognize a THROW, CATCH, TAP, or SHAKE and respond to encourage active play for kids, preschoolers, and toddlers
HILARIOUS RESPONSES – Includes music, songs, and 40+ sound FX: “Monster Throw!”, “Hey Batter-Batter!”
SOFT PLUSH – These toy sports balls are made of machine-washable plush for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use
INSPIRE YOUR FUTURE ALL-STAR – Sports toys created to make learning baseball fun, and helps with infant + baby sensor development
PERFECT GIFT – Fun electronic game for kids, boys, girls, birthday parties, and family play. Detects the “Highest Toss” or “Softest Catch” . Includes 3 AAA demo batteries


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