Target of Desire: Episode 1 (Game)

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Target of Desire: Episode 1 is the first episode in the Target of Desire series.

It’s an interactive comic book game featuring a superhero named Maia.

Game Play


Most of the game is like a comic book. The navigation is like turning pages. Swiping left goes to the next scene. Swiping right goes back to the previous scene. Progress is saved after each scene.



Sometimes, Maia will encounter enemies. Maia will draw her guns when there are enemies in the next scene

Tapping enemies makes them disappear. More enemies will continue to show up. If there are too many enemies on the screen at the same time, the game is over.

Enemies only need to be defeated when navigating forward. The enemy screens are skipped when navigating backwards.

Main Menu

New Game – starts the game over from the first scene

Resume Game – continues the game from the most recently visited scene

Practice – a mini version of the actual game. It walks through how to play the game, including a scene with enemies.


This is the first episode in the Target of Desire series.

The story follows 2 characters: Maia and Maria.



The game is focused on the story of Maia. She is followed by men in suits. She tries to survive, while trying to discover who these men are, and why they are following her.



Maria‘s side of the story comes from her blog. She is on social media and blogs under the username of “I am named Maria.”

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