Tavern Brawl: A Less Friendly Game of Chess


The Chess encounter from One Night in Karazhan returns in this week’s Tavern Brawl.

We’ve already had a Chess Tavern Brawl a long time ago and some of its elements are present this time too. Players will start as the White or the Black King with 20 health. Your deck is mostly filled with Pawn cards that will automatically attack or use their skill at the end of your turn from left to right. Positioning is very important! You can check our guide on the ONiK encounter to learn more about the Chess Pieces and the positioning strategies.

There are quite a few twists, though. The 2-mana Hero Power now allows you to discover a Chess Piece. The most important change is that you can actually add to your deck 6 single cards (no duplicates) from your own collection to help you succeed. So far, some Priest decks (Shadow Word: Horror is very useful) and Rush Warrior have proven to be decent.

Lastly, you should know that you aren’t allowed to use some cards in this Tavern Brawl. All Death Knight cards, as well as Hagatha the Witch are banned – but this rule doesn’t seem to affect everyone’s favourite EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION, Lord Jaraxxus. Evolve, Devolve and Unstable Evolution are also banned, but they can be generated by other cards, like Witch’s Cauldron and Witch’s Apprentice.

Good luck!

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