Tavern Brawl: Returns & Exchanges


The special Tavern Brawl for this year’s Winter Veil has you exchanging decks with your opponent.

In this Brawl, you pick a class and then create a deck with 20 minions, while you will be gifted 10 random spells. In the beginning of the game, after the mulligan, you will swap decks with your opponent. Each of you will get a 5-mana spell called “Gift Receipt” that refreshes your Mana Crystals, allows you to swap back decks with your opponent and destroys the opponent’s Gift Receipt.


There are many different ways you can approach this Tavern Brawl. The obvious one is to make a garbage deck, but this can put you at a disadvantage as well in the late game. You can also fill your deck with big threats that your opponent can’t play in the first turns and after getting your deck back, you will then have enough Mana to play these cards.

Another option is to experiment with Discardlock: playing Soulwarden will return the Receipt to your hand, if your opponent played his/her Receipt first and forced you to discard yours, and discard minions like Howlfiend will definitely not be desirable from your opponent.

Whizbang the Wonderful works quite interestingly in this Brawl. Whether intended or not, you will actually start with 30 health and a premade deck recipe (so no 10 random spells).

The reward for this Tavern Brawl isn’t a pack, but the Winter Veil Treat card back:


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