Tavern Brawl: The Headless Horseman Rides!


The second Hallow’s End Tavern Brawl is the same as last year’s event, only this time around the difficulty curve seems to have increased.

This is a premade PvE Brawl. Stormwind Investigator is your Hero and you will have 30 Health. You will start with The Coin and five Stormwind Champions. However, in your first turn you will immediately have to choose to dress up between 3 options.

If you pick the Witch Costume, you will have a spell oriented deck. Your passive Hero Power is Witchcraft, which allows your spells to cost double and cast a second copy if you have enough mana. Your deck looks like this:

1Enchanted Raven
2 Feral Spirit
1 White Eyes
1 Volcanic Potion
1 Jinyu Waterspeaker
1 Tidal Surge
1 Validated Doomsayer
2 Bog Creeper
1 Spirit Echo
1 Sen’jin Shieldmasta
2 Wild Growth
1 Shadow Visions
1 Bolf Ramshield
1 Midnight Drake
1 Hungry Dragon
1 Power of the Wild
2 Huge Toad
1 Hot Spring Guardian
1 Ironbark Protector
1 Molten Reflection
1 Flamecannon
1 Sap
1 Aberrant Berserker
1 Malorne
2 Arcane Missiles

The Pirate Costume includes a handy passive Hero Power called Conscript, which makes all your minions count as Pirates. You can find the deck in the spoiler tag:

2 Acolyte of Pain
2 Bloodsail Cultist
1 Hobart Grapplehammer
2 Loot Hoarder
1 Patches the Pirate
1 Thistle Tea
2 Fire Fly
2 Ship’s Cannon
1 Upgrade!
2 Shady Dealer
1 Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil
1 Fan of Knives
1 Backstab
1 Eviscerate
1 One-eyed Cheat
1 Shadow Strike
2 Fiery War Axe
1 Battle Rage
1 Skycap’n Kragg
2 Southsea Captain
1 Sprint
1 Captain Cookie – 5 mana 0/3 Murloc: When you summon a Pirate while this is in your hand, this minions gets +1/+1

The Cat Costume offers a Hunter/Warrior hybrid deck. Its passive Hero Power is Sense Weakness: Whenever a non-Boss enemy survives damage, summon a 1/1 Cat. Here’s what the deck contains:

1 King Krush

1 Moroes

1 King of Beasts

1 Savannah Highmane

1 Druid of the Claw

1 Stranglethorn Tiger

1 Alleycat

1 Druid of the Flame

2 Druid of the Saber

1 Infest

1 Sabretooth Stalker

1 Tundra Rhino

1 Blood To Ichor

2 Cat Trick

1 Slam

1 Wrath

1 Gnash

1 Grievous Bite

1 Claw

1 Savage Roar

1 Swipe

1 Mr. Bigglesworth – Just a 0 mana 1/1

1 Big Bad Claws – 3 mana 4/2 weapon

Your opponent is the Headless Horseman, who has a 3 mana Hero Power that deals 2 damage randomly split among your minions. He also has some special cards:



Images from Hearthstone Wiki

Be careful: when you are about to drop him to 0 health, he doesn’t die. Instead, he remains on 1 health and he spawns his Head on the board. This a 2/35 minion which you need to destroy to win the game. It will also deal 2 damage randomly split to your side of the field at the start of each of his turns.

This time around, the fight is quite more challenging. The Headless Horseman seems to have all the right cards (and Fireballs) at the right time. Last year, the Pirate costume seemed to have the upper hand. Personally, I have had better success with the Cat deck this time around: getting as much value from your Infests as possible is key, especially if you get a Stampeding Kodo.

Good luck and remember that Hallow’s End will last until October 31!

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