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The second build of Patch 8.2.5 comes with three new pets, a glyph for Mage’s Refreshment Table, and global strings for Recruit-a-Friend.

For more details, check out our Patch 8.2.5 hub!


Memories of Fel, Frost and Fire – Defeated the Chromie’s Memories events during the WoW 15th Anniversary celebration.

Mount Reward: Obsidian Worldbreaker

Battle Pets

Three new pets have been added in this build.

Crimson Skipper – “This butterfly is stained red from the blood of its enemies.”

Drop: Honey Smasher

Zone: Stormsong Valley

Papi  – “Legend has it that these purple butterflies came from a place called Devil’s Island.”

Drop: Fresh Jelly Deposit

Zone: Stormsong Valley

Sunsoaked Flitter – “The wings of this butterfly start off with no distinct color, but slowly change to yellow as they spend time in the sunlight.”

Drop: Fresh Jelly Deposit

Zone: Stormsong Valley

Broadcast Text

“Let’s enjoy this moment together.”


Nazjatar Ally – Neri Sharpfin,Grants combat experience for Neri Sharpfin.

Nazjatar Ally – Vim Brineheart,Grants combat experience for Vim Brineheart.

Nazjatar Ally – Poen Gillbrack,Grants combat experience for Poen Gillbrack.

Nazjatar Ally – Bladesman Inowari,Grants combat experience for Bladesman Inowari.

Nazjatar Ally – Hunter Akana,Grants combat experience for Hunter Akana.

Nazjatar Ally – Farseer Ori,Grants combat experience for Farseer Ori.

Honeyback Hive, Grants reputation with the Honeyback Hive.

Global Strings

RAF_INTRO_TUTORIAL_TEXT,Recruit A Friend has returned!|nClick here to look at what’s new!

RAF_REWARD_TUTORIAL_TEXT,You have unlocked a new Recruit A Friend reward.



REPORT_OPEN_MESSAGE,Click here to read the message


REPORT_APPRECIATION,Thank You for Reporting


NOTIFY_REPORT_LANGUAGE_MESSAGE,”Your recent communication behavior is not in line with how most World of Warcraft players communicate.nnYou have been reported multiple times for Language, and further reports may result in you losing privileges or being suspended.nnPlease help create the best possible World of Warcraft community by staying positive and not resorting to hateful, discriminatory, obscene, or disruptive messages.”

NOTIFY_REPORT_APPRECIATION_MESSAGE,”Thank you for your report. Players who violate our policies disrupt the World of Warcraft experience for everyone, and your reports help us identify them.nnWhile we can’t provide specific details about account penalties, your recent reports led to actions against a player and their account.nnYour reports make the World of Warcraft a friendlier place for everyone.”


NOTIFY_REPORT_LANGUAGE_TITLE,Warning Message – Communication

CLUB_FINDER_ROLE_TOOLTIP,Select role to search for %s seeking your role specification





NOTIFY_REPORT_TITLE_BAR,Blizzard Customer Support



A new glyph has been added for Mage’s Conjure Refreshment Table.

Technique: Glyph of Lavish Servings (Glyph of Lavish Servings)

There’s also a new tome which alters the appearance of Shaman’s Hex.

Tome of Hex: Living Honey

You can find a list of new items added in this build here. Note that Wowdb is currently somewhat buggy right now, displaying wrong item quality.


Obsidian Worldbreaker – Source changed from “How Things “Really Happened”” (Quest) to Memories of Fel, Frost and Fire (Achievement)

Source Info

Discovery: Conjured Refreshment Table (Mage)


Last Resort – Sustaining fatal damage instead transforms you to Metamorphosis form, and returns you to 30% health. This effect may only occur every 8 minutes.

Damage to Aberrations – You do increased 2% more damage to Aberrations in Nazjatar and the Eternal Palace.

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