Teemo Tug of War Dog Rope Toy, Sturdy Cotton and Thick Knots For Large Breeds or Big puppies, Indoor and Outdoor Play and Dental Health

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Will you worry about your dog when you are outside? Is it sad? too lonely? Or too vigorous and makes your home messy? 

This is a sturdy, durable value pack that can attract your pets and accompany them,give their a happy growth!

Dogs are social animals.They don’t like loneliness.If they feel lonely.They will be very upset. Will do a lot of incredible things.

Let’s be your pet’s best friend!


Made up harmless and resistance to bite material, Safe and Non-toxic cotton fiber


You can use these toys accompany with your pets to play games and bringing you closer together.

Dental care:

It can be able to clean dirt in teeth when pets playing, keep teeth clean and it will decrease disease to pets.

Spend your pets’ time, release the dog’s separation anxiety, reduce dog on home furnishings and other facilities for breaking.

Playing with various toys lets your dog satisfy his need for biting, and roughhousing, while redirecting his bad biting behavior elsewhere.

If you are looking for a quality chew toys for your puppy this set of toys won’t disappoint you. 


ADDICTIVE FOR DOGS! – As a dog owner, you’ll already know that dogs love to chew and will rip up anything in sight if they don’t have their own toy. Teemo Dog Ropes are hardwearing and strong enough to withstand the sharpest of teeth! Your dog won’t want to let go, exercising their strength and releasing frustration.
EASY TO WASH – unlike your dog, washing this toy is super convenient. This toy is machine washable and has no squeaker! It’s a plush rope toy for chewing and teething puppies. Unlike balls or stuffed animal toys, the rope toy is simple and durable, for long lasting interactive play.
ATTRACTIVE MATERIAL! – Teemo creates products with neutral tones, which are attractive to you as well as to your pet. No tacky appearance here, you will receive good quality ropes that are easy on the eye and encourage you to play with your dog for hours!
BRING YOU CLOSER TOGETHER – These interactive dog toys helps strengthen bond between you and your dog, build self esteem and makes obedience training. keep your dogs happy, healthy and entertained. avoid boredom.
REFUND GUARANTEE – You can rest assured to buy, if you are not fully satisfied with our products, we will a full refund.


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