Teen Begs Mom For Help With Robotic Baby Assignment

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Remember those fake babies that high schoolers used to have to take care of for a weekend? Yeah, that’s still a thing — and still ruining teenagers’ lives to the amusement of moms everywhere.

Lawren Galloway is a Georgia mom of four. Her eldest, Olivia, is 14 years old and a freshman in high school. Olivia had to take care of William, an interactive robotic baby, for her early childhood education class.

By the end of the weekend, she looked about as fed up as an actual 14-year-old mom would be.

“She’s had him since Friday night. She is absolutely exhausted and ready to quit the class and give William back,” Lawren wrote in a now-viral Facebook post, adding, “Maybe even throw him back.”

Lawren says Olivia was up all hours of the night and crying real, snotty tears. She asked her mom for help, but hilariously enough, Lawren has an actual newborn at home and definitely didn’t have time for the robotic baby. Olivia was on her own.

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