Teen Daughter Helps Divorced Single Dad With Dating Advice

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Jeff Saville is a 56-year-old divorced man and single father from Texas. He has four daughters, so he knows exactly whom to go to for fashion and dating tips.

Jeff was recently trying to pick the perfect outfit for his upcoming dinner date but struggled to decide on the right shirt for his big night out. He took some selfies in the mirror wearing different outfits and sent them to his most fashionable daughter, 19-year-old Carli. She was more than happy to give her dear ol’ dad advice on which shirt to wear and whether or not to tuck it in.

She then took to Twitter to share some screenshots of their adorable conversation, accompanied by Jeff’s outfit options.

“Life with a single dad, asking for advice on date outfits,” she wrote. “My heart.”

Once he found the perfect shirt, Jeff headed off to the restaurant to meet his date. He was really looking forward to a romantic evening and the possibility of chemistry — but sadly, his date never even showed!

Apparently, she just wanted to be friends.

But Jeff had no clue Carli’s post was going viral with hundreds of thousands of shares. “I didn’t want him to be sad and mad in the same night, I thought he might be embarrassed and a little upset but he took it lightly,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. “He was excited watching the tweet get more and more attention.”

In the end, getting stood up may not have been the worst thing — because now, thanks to his daughter’s help, he’s getting attention from single women all over the world.

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