Teldrassil Hippogryph – Battle for Azeroth Mount Preview

Comment by Albaharmamar

on 2018-04-14T17:42:21-05:00

Looks nice, much better than those weird overstylized hippogryphs in legion with the horn beaks and balltip antlers. This one look sleek and more true to the originals

Comment by Putridpiranha

on 2018-04-14T17:47:05-05:00

Thank god they hid the horrible dodo beak on this one, though it still looks like it’s wearing wooden clogs on its back feet.

Comment by Chaxton

on 2018-04-14T17:52:31-05:00

Hope they fix the feathers hanging from its mask to not be rigid objects. I don’t really care for the silly budget gryphons, but this is definitely the least interesting one. Dark tones, dark tones, a little gold trim, more dark tones, and big bladed eyebrows? That’s a modern Night Elf mount, alright!

Comment by Skyrei

on 2018-04-14T17:56:02-05:00

Are those fake night elf ears? That’s adorable

Comment by Blayaden01

on 2018-04-14T18:04:12-05:00

Are those fake night elf ears? That’s adorable

Looks more like blades to me… And OH BOY something Undead themed covered in skulls? How ORIGINAL. 😉

Comment by rogueMatthias

on 2018-04-14T18:11:00-05:00

I like it 🙂

I always LOVED my Cenerion hippogryph. When Blizzard designed the new hippogryphs I was quite disappointed in their look – I think they really overdesigned them and lost the sleek birdy look that the originals had.

Comment by DaggersEdge

on 2018-04-14T18:45:38-05:00

Yay! More Kaldorei-themed items/mounts! 😀 I was hoping they would be featured in BFA.

Comment by Joshmaul

on 2018-04-14T18:47:50-05:00

All I gotta say to what happens to Teldrassil is….DAMN.

Comment by SgtGrumbles

on 2018-04-14T18:54:49-05:00

Much better than the ‘newer’ models. Although I don’t know what’s up with the back hooves. Just make them look like horse-hooves, why does it have to be stylized so strangely?

Comment by vegeta0585

on 2018-04-14T19:24:50-05:00

I want one to tame.

Comment by Norlamin

on 2018-04-14T19:57:48-05:00

Never been a fan of Hippogryphs, so nothing but disappointment for me.

Comment by Yulani

on 2018-04-14T20:00:32-05:00

Can I trade my plague bat for this? XD The bat sucks

Comment by Illthak

on 2018-04-14T20:08:15-05:00

I would have liked an epic storyline of the zones adjacent to the Undercity. Ah well, that kind of suspense is reserved for when the Horde invade and destroy ^&*!. Maybe next year.

Comment by SilverDragon234

on 2018-04-14T20:34:59-05:00

Never been a fan of Hippogryphs, so nothing but disappointment for me.

Your disappointment is over.

Comment by SilverDragon234

on 2018-04-14T20:38:31-05:00

Nice looking hippogryph.

But I tell you again that Sylvanas does not know where Teldrassil is!

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