Thanos has been rebalanced a bunch of times in Fortnite

It’s probably no surprise to learn that Avengers Infinity War villain Thanos is pretty damn powerful in Fortnite. After, the big purple fella is capable of wiping out half the universe by literally clicking his fingers, so you’d kind of expect him to be, right?

Well, yes, but apparently not quite as powerful as he was when he made his debut in the time-limited Infinity Gauntlet mode. Epic Games almost immediately nerfed the Mad Titan just hours after it launched, and apparently wasn’t satisfied as they’ve now applied a few more tweaks.

Chiefly, the Infinity Stone-collecting baddie has seen his health reduced from 800 to 500. While this means Thanos can’t take quite as much punishment as before, he actually dishes out a bit more following the update; his Power Stone beam now deals 20 damage while his punch inflicts 100. 

This basically means that you’ll die instantly if you’re on the receiving end of his meaty fists without a shield. 

Fortnite has also seen a few other general tweaks alongside the Mad Titan, so be sure to read up on them here.

Meanwhile, when people aren’t talking about Thanos rocking up in Fortnite, they’re losing their shit over a mysterious hatch that’s appeared in the woods.

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