The 13 Scariest Horror Games You Should Play For Halloween

Halloween fast approaches, which means you’re likely in the mood to play some spooky games. Luckily for you, there are a wealth of horror games to play that are well worth your time. The genre had humble beginnings in the late ’80s, with a wave of fantastic games coming out in the three subsequent decades. And thanks to the rise of indie games, there are more horror games out now than ever before.

To help you discover some of the most terrifying horror experiences available, we’ve compiled 13 games that we find to be the most frightening. Genre classics like Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil Remake, and Dead Space are represented here, but you’ll also find more surprising choices interspersed throughout. Regardless of their notoriety, the games we highlight are all ones we that left us with lasting memories.

There’s a lot of horror-related media out right now that isn’t just games. The latest entry of the cult favorite horror film franchise Halloween just released, and it’s quite good, so be sure to read our review. There are also some pretty cool Easter eggs in the film that are likely to please hardcore fans. In other news, the second season of Castlevania is set to premiere via Netflix on October 26, and we’ve got a review of the first six episodes.

Which horror games do you think are the scariest? Shout out your favorites in the comments below.

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