The 15th Annual Norwington Equestrian and Hunt Festival

Upon receiving your formal invitation from The Norwington Festival, you’ll prove your worth by hunting local wildlife, saving a nobleman’s son from troggs, discovering a world-renowned soup recipe, helping a Tortollan find his courage, and showing off your horsemanship skills in a unique arena worthy of the Darkmoon Faire. Who knows, maybe you’ll steal the show this year and become The Reining Champion!

Although the minigame isn’t currently repeatable outside of the initial quest, the achievement implies that it will be at some point, possibly as max level world quest.

In this game, you’re given a minute to achieve as many points as possible by harpooning targets and snaring periodically spawning paper airships with bolas, while successfully navigating the jumps to earn Style points, granting a stackable but short-lived buff which multiplies points earned. The abilities are:

  • Rapid Dash: Gain a burst of speed for 1 sec. Dashing through enemies will knock them aside, dealing damage.
  • Harpoon Jab: Jab with your harpoon, striking targets in front of you. During Rapid Dash, Harpoon Jab will always land a critical strike.
  • Bolas: Throw a bolas at the target. Riding over an enemy tangled in bolas will drag the enemy behind you.

While only one small piece of the Tiragarde Sound, the Norwington Estate is an entertaining diversion from the darker problems plaguing Kul Tiras, and a delight for horse lovers.

This event is also a great way for Blizzard to show off the updated horse models coming in Battle for Azeroth!


Norwington Estate



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