The Best Steam Game Deals In Black Friday 2018 Sale

This isn’t an official Black Friday sale, but don’t let that stop you from saving lots of cash on PC games. Steam has launched its annual Autumn Sale, which serves as the equivalent of the digital storefront’s sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Steam operator Valve is known for offering games at a discount for most of the year round, so it takes the annual shopping event as an opportunity to dig even deeper than usual. As a result there are plenty of sales to be had.

The Autumn Sale lasts through November 27 at 10 AM PT. Alongside some of the software listed below, Steam is also offering discounts on its own hardware, like 30% off a Steam Controller, or the soon to be hard-to-find Steam Link for $2.50. In some cases you may be better off using a third-party that distributes Steam codes like Fanatical, so be sure to comparison shop even when the bargains look great.

Alongside the Steam Autumn Sale, the company is hosting the Steam Awards. These user-voted awards are giving accolades for some expected categories like Game of the Year and VR Game of the Year, along with more esoteric categories like The Labor of Love Award and the Best Alternate History Award. Participating by casting your ballot can earn you XP and badges on your Steam profile.

Check out below for a selection of some of our favorite games discounted in the Steam Autumn Sale, and plan your purchases accordingly.

Best Black Friday Deals

All The Game Deals

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