The Daily Show Tries To Find The Line That Would Cause Supporters To Dump Trump (VIDEO)

If its election season, its also focus group season, as various pollsters and news organizations try to figure out what sorts of thoughts are going through the heads of voters, which issues they think are the most important, why they like a certain candidate, etc. Of course, in the current season, the focus of many focus groups is Donald Trump. No other candidate in recent times has stirred the interest of the media like The Donald.

Of course, The Daily Show had to get in on focus group mania. Prior to the final GOP candidates debate of the year, reporter Jordan Klepper went to Las Vegas to question Trump supporters about why he was their choice among all of the Republican candidates. The answers he got were, um, revealing, and at times downright scary.

The segment starts out with Klepper asking the seven Trump supporters why they like him. He gets the standard answers: Hes not a politician. He has no filters. Hes not going to take any crap off of anybody.

One woman sums up her support of Trump this way:

Do you want a president in there that really walks on egg shells, and not wanting to hurt this community or that community?

She was obviously absent the day her high school civics class talked about that silly little annoying thing that leaders must use, called diplomacy.

Next, Klepper plays Trumps infamous comment about Mexico sending drug dealers and rapists to the U.S. The same woman wants to know if Trump said that everybody from Mexico was a criminal. She answers her own question:

I believe what he said, a majority of them.

She goes on to say that the vast majority who are coming across the border, smuggling drugs and raping women are overshadowing the good ones. Its not surprising that a Trump supporter, or for that matter, any GOP voter would have that opinion, since right-wing media is filled with horror stories about immigrants who commit crime. But last July, a representative of the Center For Immigration Studies, a right-wing anti-immigrant think-tank, told the PBS Newshour that theres no evidence that immigrants are any more or less likely to commit crimes than anyone else.

Klepper moves on to a game where he asks the panel to identify whether each of a series of quotes came from Donald Trump, or a racist sandwich. To their credit, most of the seven were able to figure out which quotes came from Trump, although a couple of them obviously made some of the panelists think.

But the part of the conversation that will really make you cringe is when Klepper gives each of the panelists a Trump head on a stick, and has them hold it up to indicate whether they would support Trump if he said certain things. Hes looking for a line that Trump could cross that would cause these voters to move away from him.

Would you support Donald Trump if he made fun of a disabled reporter? All seven Trump faces stay up.

Made fun of all Chinese people? Seven Trumps still visible.

Would you support Donald Trump if he said there should be a registry for all Muslims? Seven Trump faces continue to look back at Klepper.

Of course, those are all things that Trump has actually said. Then Klepper throws out this one: A national registry of Jews?

Two of the seven Trump faces remain visible.

Like so many things offered by The Daily Show over the years, this segment is funny. But its not. However, there is good news. Klepper wonders why so many people like Trump. And the media would have you think that there are millions of Americans on the Trump bandwagon.

The fact is, Trump isnt even polling at or above 50 percent among Republicans. A new Monmouth university poll puts him at 41 percent among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. In other words, hes supported by a minority of a minority. Still, ignore him at your peril.

Heres the video, via The Daily Show:

Featured image via Comedy Central screen capture

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  • nowhereman says:

    What a bunch of freaking idiots. Trump is a perfect candidate for them, with maybe Cruz as VP.


    • justamakanik says:

      Thats my prediction.


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