The End Time Prophecies Revisited in Battle for Azeroth (Spoilers)

Comment by IceWolfDK

on 2019-02-02T21:07:45-06:00

Intriguing indeed.

Comment by RobNajjar

on 2019-02-02T21:15:38-06:00

How is jaina expecting the worst in the horde a bad thing? She was right and even the horde has turned on itself

Comment by Pandafera

on 2019-02-02T21:16:19-06:00

I related the echo of Tyrande to everything she suffers in BfA as soon as I saw all that sh*&! begin to happen. But I confess I did not even relate Jaina’s echo to the loss of Theramore and everything that happened afterwards. Damn, it makes perfect sense, so obvious now.r
And I still hope nothing bad happens to Baine. D:r
Four torches? Azshara? Sylvanas? Alleria?r
…The wars between horde and alliance always take proportions bigger enough to awake some greater evil against Azeroth. lol

Comment by Caerule

on 2019-02-02T21:34:58-06:00

While it is an interesting coincidence that the 4 leaders that we fight in the End Time instance are also ones relevant right now, I’d say it’s just that though: Coincidence.r
The “End Time” takes place after a successful Hour of Twilight where Deathwing’s machinations succeeded and life was scoured off of the face of Azeroth. According to Murozond, if this does not come to pass, an even worse fate awaits Azeroth. Something we have yet to bear witness to.r
The Baine, Sylvanas, Jaina and Tyrande in this instance are implied to have died in these places during the Hour of Twilight conflict though. Failing to prevent the end of the world during Deathwing’s siege.r
I wonder if N’Zoth is still on the “Hour of Twilight” plan. I mean, at the time getting rid of mortals by using Deathwing may have been the best way to get the freedom to break out of his prison. But now seems like one of those times that mortals may be working in his favor.r
Also, he may not be our true enemy right now. For one thing, he seeks to corrupt Azeroth. If the world soul dies, he’s as screwed as the rest of us.

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