The first Android Q build has leaked, confirms major new features

The first big Android Q leak has arrived, with a preview build confirming a system-wide dark theme, and dropping hints over other new features.

The intrepid folks at XDA Developers have obtained a working developer preview, well ahead of schedule and have posted screenshots to show the previously-rumoured system-level Dark Mode, which can be enabled and tailored within the display settings.

Within the new build, apps like launcher, settings and files gain a dark grey tinge when the dark mode is enabled, joining a number of Google-made apps that already give users the option of adopting the retina-friendly colour scheme.

So what else is on offer? Well the first preview build of Android Q also sets the stage for a Desktop Mode, that could enable Android device owners to plug their device into a dock to effectively create a PC.

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The site noticed new “force desktop mode” and “force experimental desktop mode on secondary displays” options within the developer options, which suggests Google might be pondering the same tactic Samsung uses with its DeX displays.

Google is also plotting a wider permissions revamp, which gives users much more control over what information apps can access. Users will also be able to restrict certain permissions such as locations while the app is in use, as Apple does in iOS.

XDA reports:

The permission page for each app is also revamped, and you can quickly see which apps have been allowed or denied access to a certain permission (like the microphone.) The app info screen has also been revamped, giving you quick access to open the app, uninstall the app, or force stop the app.

The preview also offers a host of new developer options, that aren’t yet working, but under construction. Finally, the preview offers a number of new accessibility options. One such option lets users choose how much time they have to take want to take to read a message that automatically goes away.

In previous years, such as last year’s Android Pie release, the developer previews haven’t started to emerge until March at the earliest. We can expect a full reveal of the feature list this spring.

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