The Fortnite Cube Is Dead, And Loot Lake Has Turned Purple (And Bouncy)

Where past seasons of Fortnite have had the comet and rifts to keep an eye on, the lead up to Season 6 has been headlined by the cube. The giant, mysterious purple object appeared after a lightning strike partway through Season 5, and eventually it began moving around the map at fixed intervals. As predicted, it’s ultimately made its way to Loot Lake and sank or melted into the water.

The long-term effects of this and what it portends for Season 6 are unclear, but it does have one immediate, very noticeable effect. The water in Loot Lake has turned distinctly purple, a change that’s easily noticeable even from the Battle Bus. Should you make your way to the water, you’ll also notice one other big adjustment: The water now bounces players up into the air, much as the cube itself did when it was intact.

We don’t yet know how long the lake will remain this way–you can see what it looks like above–but it’s just the latest evolution of the Battle Royale map, which has changed significantly with each of the past few seasons. Epic has yet to release a second map for its wildly popular mode, but it hasn’t been shy in making major adjustments to the island, wiping out sections of it with meteor crashes and replacing others with new area teleported from different dimensions.

With so much change, expectations are high for Season 6. Epic has yet to announce a start date for it, but new seasons typically follow immediately after the conclusion of the previous one. If so, you can expect to see Season 6 next week, as Season 5 is set to wrap up on September 25. That makes this your last chance to complete any challenges and earn the rewards available right now.

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