The Great Affix Dilemma of 2k19 in Mythic+ Dungeons

Comment by Koxy79

on 2019-05-17T22:30:35-05:00

u201cAffixes if designed with uniform difficulty can be pretty good, but just the way affixes feel in Battle for Azeroth dungeons leaves a lot to be desired.u201dr
I could not agree more. Itu2019s frustrating to have weeks where one feels like the affixes are so painful/irritating that itu2019s just not worth the struggle to push a +15/16 key. Some particularly unforgiving combos leave me just completing the key and hoping that the next week will be better.

Comment by MetaAnder

on 2019-05-17T22:31:31-05:00

It’s utterly ridiculous Blizzard keeps employing game designers with such poor quality of work… Such a waste of money. Incompentence should not be rewarded.

Comment by frostyfire14

on 2019-05-17T22:42:33-05:00

I agree. Tyrannical and Bolstering Either need to be scaled down, or removed. Those two affixes alone immensely help decide which dungeon is harder or easier for the week. And that shouldn’t be the case.

Comment by Tackett

on 2019-05-17T22:54:36-05:00

If you never do Mythic + is actually never effects you. Take it from me, I never do them, and none of the affixes ever effect anything I do.

Comment by akaRaven

on 2019-05-17T22:54:59-05:00

Hey Blizzard, a good read for your devs to understand just how bad M+ is this expac and why dungeons needs to be balanced to ensure all classes, all combinations, all affixes can be completed fairly.r
And this article is a good start, fix your affixes, balance your dungeons.r
Than, change them to fit the 5 players you take in with you each time you walk in.

Comment by MikeyD64

on 2019-05-17T23:29:29-05:00

could not agree more on this. i should not feel completely drained in my soul after running a few m+ with crappy affixes. Reaping was a huge breath of fresh air. It’s fun, but if you get caught sleeping, you’re gonna have a bad time. After tanking a few dungeons with necrotic, I just don’t wanna tank anymore. After DPSing a few dungeons with explosives…i’m just annoyed and ready to be done as well. And healing through bursting or grievous is just terrible. Design things to be more fun…it feels like you’re only trying to think of ways to piss players off. We don’t have a ton of content at end-game. M+ is pretty much it, which is ok. But more often than not it just leaves me drained and frustrated

Comment by Trails

on 2019-05-17T23:37:26-05:00

Why donu2019t they just put affixes on a one or two day rotation instead of having to go an entire week of certain ones that are terrible together

Comment by Zewinter

on 2019-05-18T00:30:32-05:00

Affixes are not designed to be of equal difficulty, that’s obvious. They want good/bad weeks. They want players to feel that each weeks is new and that each week offer a different challenge so were stuck with that system. Considering you can farm maybe 1000 m+ in an expansion, they designed affixes so it would feel like something new each week. That sure creates problems, but I think they’re fine with those. Would I prefer they just design dungeons like oldschool with only challenge mode and capped at mythic difficulty, probably. But then they would lose esports. So what we got now is there to stay.

Comment by Quaaid

on 2019-05-18T00:54:48-05:00

Why not just say “2019” instead of “2k19”?

Comment by Lomack

on 2019-05-18T01:24:12-05:00

If you never do Mythic + is actually never effects you.r
Not really a good argument. If you don’t play wow, none of these things affect you either. M+ is a facet of the game that isn’t tuned properly. It needs an overhaul now and again just like PvP/Arena, Raids, and Questing.

Comment by EndHoper

on 2019-05-18T01:33:23-05:00

Saying “2019” is so 2018.

Comment by Riggor

on 2019-05-18T02:09:03-05:00

I agree with the break down on all of the affixes. The ones that feel ok are typically under tuned. For me thereu2019s 2 fixes and one is more gimmicky than the other.r
1. Remove tyrannical and fortified as suggested and let the skill level and gear that your party has dictate the success of your key as apposed to u2018rip keyu2019 being written in chat when you get a fortified 20+ motherload key or kings rest grevious and tyrannical. r
2. Have no weekly affixes at all and change it to a slot machine style ring fest on key entry. Tier 4/7/10 affixes spinning at random on your key entry giving every key different combos.r
This may sound like added RNG to a game that certainly isnu2019t lacking it but hear me out. My biggest issue with bad affix combos is that theyu2019re here all damn week. If you have a terrible combo in your tol dagor key maybe it is obscenely difficult but maybe the 17 kings rest it turned into was an immediate breath of fresh air because you got better ones. Instant relief instead of a weeks wait to want to play again.r
Inb4 the TL/DRu2019s ud83dude06

Comment by Ahmara

on 2019-05-18T02:19:25-05:00

Why not just say “2019” instead of “2k19”?r
This! Exactly this! This “k” in relation to damage is okay but to years? So .. childish.

Comment by Rahzal

on 2019-05-18T02:41:13-05:00

Make affix’s a per key basis, not weekly…So each key is random…if you upgrade your key 🙂 or downgrade 🙁 Your affix’s roll a dice and change also

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