The Keys to Staying Fit Without Dieting | How to Stay Thin Without Dieting

You are bombarded by images of thin, perfectly toned bodies every day. They appear in endless commercials on TV, flaunt themselves on dozens of magazine covers, show up on billboards and grace the sides of buses. There seems to be no escaping the ceaseless parade of human perfection around every corner. 

There is some comfort to be had in the fact that most of those images involve models who adhere to strict diet and workout regimes and take their pictures under professional lighting. Those already gorgeous images are then, of course, run through photoshop and edited within an inch of their life. None of it is real, so you can move on with your life.

There is that one friend, however, that makes you grind your teeth in envy. They are not the models in advertisements, but your friend is thin and toned without ever going on a diet. It is maddening. How on earth do they do it?

Some people win the genetic lottery when it comes to effortless beauty, but most people need to work at it. Thankfully, looking fit does not need to involve serious dieting. It actually does not need to involve dieting at all if you follow these basic suggestions for staying healthy.

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